Craft Data Stories Meant To Be Shared

Sequels is a notebook-style native macOS SQL editor that helps you tell stories with your data & quickly share your findings with your team

...without begging the IT department for a SaaS subscription

Supports the most popular SQL databases

PostgreSQL MySQL SQLite
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Quickly Craft & Share Infographic Reports

Say goodbye to broken, impossible-to-find dashboards with stale data.

With Sequels you can connect to your database in seconds and create infographics you can instantly share where your coworkers actually see them: in Slack, Teams, emails, documents etc.

Sequels transforms the tiresome SQL-to-CSV-to-Excel-chart-to-Word-document dance into a single simple step

A Clean UI for Easy Iteration

Simplify Your Queries

Traditional single-pane SQL editors encourage you to write big messy SQL queries, full of nested queries and joins.
Sequels simplifies your analytics tasks by breaking down your big queries into multiple smaller cells.
You can query intermediate results just like they were tables.
When you run a cell, referenced cells are automatically pulled in as WITH clauses.

Explain & Document with Markdown

Sometimes queries and charts are not enough.
Use markdown cells to explain your thought process and document your findings.

Explore Your Database

Quickly grasp your database schema with a powerful schema browser.
  • View tables, columns & data types
  • Search for tables and columns
  • Quickly preview data without queries

> Connect Locally & Securely

Sequels runs securely on your Mac and can connect anywhere your Mac can.
Local Access.
Access local databases and databases running inside a VPN without waiting for weeks for the IT department to grant you access.
> Secure.
No cloud logins. Don't worry about exposing your queries and data to the web through cloud analytics platforms.
Flat SQL files.
Save your work as flat SQL files. Easy to version control & share.
Work smarter

Powerful Editing Features

Everything you'd expect from a modern SQL editor - without the bloat.

Syntax Highlighting.
Easier reading, writing and debugging with built-in SQL syntax highlighting.
SQL Auto-Completion.
Fly through your queries with a schema-aware auto-completion engine.
Keyboard Shortcuts.
Get work done faster without lifting your hands from the keyboard.
Dark Mode.
Sequels automatically adjusts it's theme when your system is set to dark mode.
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